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Upcoming at St. Mary's

Information and Sign Ups for upcoming events.  Be sure to visit often for the latest!


  • July 14 The Grace in Gardens Retreat
    July 14
    9am - 4pm
    St. Mary's Retreat Center In Sewanee

    Saturday July 14 from 9-4 at the St. Mary's Retreat Center In Sewanee June Mays is leading a retreat The Grace in Gardens. You can read more about it and register at Overnight accommodations are available at St. Mary’s Retreat Center or at The Sewanee Inn. Space is limited so register soon. If you have been wanting to visit Sewanee, this would be a lovely time for your visit.

  • Between now and July 26th LE-GO and Let God
    Between now and July 26th
    St. Mary’s, All Saints’ and Camp McDowell

    We need your help to make the program for Elementary II at Camp McDowell a reality! Please consider donating LEGOS to our “LE-GO and Let God” program. You can donate your LEGOS at any of the following locations between now and July 26th at St. Mary’s, All Saints’ and Camp McDowell.

  • Help St. Mary's support our Diocesan Camps!

    In May we will hold a supply drive for three Diocesan Camps: Sawyerville, Special Session, and Grace Works. Grocery bags are available with a list of needed supplies in the foyer of Drennen House and in RMH: use your bag to shop, and return items to RMH or the parish office before May 9th. You may also order supplies from an online vendor and have them sent to the church before that date.

    Contact Kirby Pool
  • The Mystery Worshipper visits St. Mary's

    The Mystery Worshipper has visited St. Mary's. Please follow the link to view his report of our parish. The Mystery Worshipper, which produced this report, is run by, the online magazine of Christian unrest. Mystery Worshippers are volunteers who visit churches of all denominations worldwide, leaving a calling card in the collection plate and posting a first-timer's impression of services on Ship of Fools. For further reports, visit the Mystery Worshipper at:

  • St. Mary's Meal Ministries

    St. Mary's invites you to be a part of our Meal Ministries. We hope you will consider being included in a contact list to receive updates when meals are needed at the church for pastoral care and other events. You may also wish to join a cook team that will meet periodically at the church to prepare meals. Please follow the link below to sign up for Meal Ministries.