Changed Lives Stories

  • Angry. Alone. Rebellious

    I did not grow up in church, but started attending student services at FOTP in sixth grade. It was in my neighborhood and some of my friends went...

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  • Lost. Insecure. Empty.

    I learned the Bible stories and was taught about Jesus at an early age. When I was 13, I chose to be baptized after recognizing that I truly believed in God and what I had been taught in church.

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  • Depressed. Lost. Angry.

    I grew up in a healthy family environment with a Catholic mom and Methodist dad. I was raised Catholic though, and Dad has since converted. I was baptized as a baby and attended Sunday School...

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  • Depressed. Careless. Purposeless.

    My mother dragged me to church three times a week. I was 14 when she was diagnosed with cancer. She continued going to church as I turned to binge drinking.

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  • Lost. Lonely. Addicted.

    Spring semester 2014 at Texas A&M, God changed my heart miraculously. I went from being religious and seeing Christianity as following all of these rules to understanding what true love really is...

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  • Alone. Overwhelmed. Weary.

    I attended church and had strong faith when I was younger. As I grew up, I let that go. I married, had three beautiful children and thought everything was great. Then, after 22 years, my husband asked for a divorce.

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  • Depressed. Sad. Angry.

    Before knowing God and having a relationship with Him, I struggled with depression. Honestly, I don’t remember ever not battling with depression...

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  • Selfish. Angry. Controlling.

    I grew up in a “together” Christian family that went to church every Sunday and even most Wednesdays. I went to Vacation Bible School every summer and youth camp in middle school...

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  • Devastated. Ashamed. Afraid.

    For as long as I can remember, I have loved God. My biggest desire, however, was for the “white picket fence” family...

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