Worship Schedule

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Sunday Schedule

+ 8:00 AM: Worship at St. Mary’s
+ 9:30-10:15 AM: Christian Formation at St. Mary’s and via Zoom (Sept-May)
+ 10:30 AM: Worship at St. Mary’s & Live-Stream
+ 5:00 PM: Worship at St. Mary’s


Masks and social distancing will always be honored at St. Mary’s.


Our vestry, program staff, and ministry leaders are working to make sure our parish and community remains connected and informed. We are also committed to using every resource at our disposal to provide worship, education, and outreach opportunities. Please expect to hear more about these plans in the immediate future, by staying connected online, receiving our emails, and being added to our mailing list.


St. Mary’s building access and parking:
Please leave the parking beneath RMH at the entrance to the offices for those who need access to the elevator or for drop off. The Worship space can be accessed by elevator taken to “3R”. “3R” takes you to the level of the church with no steps. This elevator can be accessed from the office level or the living room level of Drennen House. Ramps into Drennen House at 12th Street, offer access to elevator at living room level of Drennen House. Access into the church for those with ambulatory issues is FROM DRENNEN HOUSE. Parking is always set aside for St. Mary’s in the lot west of 19th Street. This lot is a St. Mary’s lot at all hours and on all days. 



Sunday Worship at St. Mary’s

8:00 AM, 10:30 AM & 5:00 PM
The worship space is set up for 100 people at each of the three Sunday worship services at 8:00 AM, 10:30 AM, and 5:00 PM.

Anticipate the following:
• In accordance with current CDC guidelines and the latest directive from our bishop, effective immediately everyone 3-years of age and older wear a mask during worship and while inside the church buildings.  
• Choir members will follow the recommendations for choral groups, the Director of Music, and clergy staff.  Singing will be offered with caution.
• Masks are not required for outdoor gatherings, but we request that unvaccinated individuals maintain physical distancing.  It is vital that we remain a safe space for all who are vulnerable, especially the children who do not yet have access to vaccinations.
• During worship, we invite you to sit wherever you would like to in the Nave.  Please show respect and physically distance yourself from children and those wearing masks.
• Youth 12 years of age and older will follow the same guidelines as adults.
• A general rule of thumb for children and youth:  if they are asked to wear a mask at school, they must also wear a mask at church.  Decisions about the nurseries will be made by the Nursery Director and the Director of Children’s Formation.  Sign-ups may be required for some time to operate with an abundance of safety.
• The chalice will return to the Eucharist for intinction over the next few weeks.
• Servers, acolytes, and a larger choir will be introduced over the next several weeks.
• Sign-ups for indoor will no longer be required.
• Sign-ups for House Church are required to support the host who is offering their home.
• Updates about practices and expectations will always be posted on the parish website.
• Bathrooms are located in the undercroft directly under the church or in the Drennen House.
• Access to the worship space is through the main doors, or through the elevator (handicapped access) in the Drennen House. Enter via ramp, use elevator to gain access to worship space (3R). It is simple and use of the elevator eliminates all stairways.


Sunday Morning Live-Stream (Online Worship)

10:30 AM

For those worshipping at home, the Sunday service at 10:30 AM is live-streamed on the Live Stream webpage as well as St. Mary's Vimeo page. 

Sunday Christian Formation (Sept-May)

Sunday mornings: 9:30-10:15 AM



House Church and Motor Court Worship

House Church June, July and August


House Church returns this summer to the lawns, driveways, and gardens of our parishioners!  These simple services will begin in June and will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month.  Services start at 5:30 PM and sign up is required.  BYOC (Bring your own chair!)


Save These Dates!
House Church (2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 5:30 PM).


• August 11: Home of Cynthia and George Butler
• August 25


Motor Court Worship with the 5:00 Band (3rd Wednesday at 5:30 PM)


On the third Wednesday of each month all are invited to gather in the Motor Court for worship with the 5:00 Band.  These services start at 5:30 PM are also BYOC!

• August 18


All services last about an hour and are outdoors!  Bring a chair, no heel and no ties – just a heart open to grow in the knowledge of God!


Tour of the Buildings:  Wednesday, July 21, at 5PM

The Welcoming Ministry Committee will offer a quick guided tour of our buildings prior to the motor court service this Wednesday.  Meet us on the sidewalk in front of the breezeway at 5PM sharp!



Prayers for Our Parish

Those who await the birth or adoption of a child:
Julia and Jeremy Cullimore, Katie and Creighton Tynes, Kirby and Ryan Henderson, Christopher and Brittany Barnes


Please pray for our parishioners and staff:
Sheard, Camille, Kendrick, Bob, Tommy, Nathan, Lucy, Carlisle, Mike, Nancy, Ann, Don, Carolyn, Joy, Bill, Stan, Marjorie, John, Barbara, Helen, Kappie


For our families, friends, and neighbors:
Peggy, The Beam Family, Betty, Fred, Jennifer, Katy, Eve, Emma, Will, Mahmud, Kathleen, Barbara, Robert, K.D., Thomas, Sara, Wilma, Dale


For those who are grieving:
Family of Gage Frye Woods, Family of Laura Curry Cornell For those who experience ongoing challenges: Joy, Patty, Beth


And for those serving in the Armed Forces:
Brian, Ford, Jack, James, Jesse, Marjory, Steven, Davis, Daniel, Jackson




Weekly Worship Opportunities

Morning Prayer on Tuesdays at 8:40 AM in the chancel
Personal Prayer on Thursdays at 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM in the Nave

Morning Prayer is offered Tuesday at 8:40 AM in the chancel.  This is a good act of devotion and worship and a wonderful way to offer leadership.  The prayers we say are for the whole community of St. Mary’s.  While you begin your day, know that people will be offering prayers for you and your well-being. Restrooms are available in the undercroft.  
     In addition to Tuesday Morning Prayer services (8:40 AM in the chancel), the nave will be open for personal prayers each Thursday in the summer.  The doors of the church will be open from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM for personal prayer.  This time is offered to support personal piety and give us all a space to come and be quiet.  At times there may only be one person; we may have music on some Thursdays; however, God will always be present to listen and direct our lives.  He is the Good Shepherd, the True Vine, and the Living Water.  Come and learn from the one who said, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”
     Follow the link below if you would like to participate in the Daily Office of Morning Prayer at home.